Editing Costs for Head Shots

Regular Retouching includes: 

 $25 per photo

Skin tone correction, removal of blemishes, under-eye circles, obvious flyaway pieces of hair, light softening of lines/wrinkles, and eye & teeth brightening

Advance Retouching includes:  $40 for first photo, $30 for each additional

All items above and… Major cosmetic changes (eye shape/major skin problems, hair glitches) Major atmosphere changes (change background, change color background) Major clothing changes (change color of clothing, get rid of logos, patterns, etc.)

Where to Start:

1. Within 72 hours of your shoot you will receive a link to your viewing site.

2. Take your time, view the pictures and share with representation for their opinion.

3. Send photo numbers to us that you wish to be edited. Please include your editing needs and what package you are interested in. (Don’t be afraid to ask questions!)

4. Upon receipt of your request, we will send you a Paypal invoice for your editing fees.

5. Once payment is made, editing will begin.  You will receive confirmation from my editor with an approximate turn around time.

***Each retouch includes up to 2 revisions (example: I send you the first draft; you reply and say you want your wrinkles even softer and your lipstick toned down; I send a second draft; you reply and say you want stray hair removed and your skin tone a little warmer; I send you the final draft.) If you need additional revisions after the first two, they are $5 per revision.

**Photos are only archived for 4 months**

Make sure you get a CD to have photos at your disposal for a longer time.

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