Preparing For Your Session...

Once we have established a date & time for your session, you will receive an invoice for your $100 deposit.  Once that is paid, you can proceed with preparing for your session according to the guidelines below.... Deposits are only valid for sessions schedule within 60 days. 

Tips for a great headshot session:

Hair & Makeup

I have a wonderful Hair & Make Up Artist that I work with and I highly recommend bringing her in as part of your session.  Her fee is $150 and she stays for the entirety of the session.

If you choose to do your own hair & make up, please stay natural! Make Up should enhance your natural beauty....not take it over!

Please make sure your hair is clean and set in the most common way you wear it.  Head shot sessions are not a time to try new hair dos!


-A variety of colors (no patterns, logos or stripes)  

-Try to stay with jewel yellows or pale pink.

-Fit close to the body, not too tight, but figure flattering.

-Clothing for layers. (tanks, hoodies, sweaters, jackets)

-Simple bottoms, jeans, khakis 


-Feel free to bring hats, glasses (with anti-glare or no lenses),

-Scarves or other thematic props.

**Most head shots do not contain many of these items but there are times that they are appropriate.**

**Photos are only archived for 4 months**

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